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Another Tumblr

My photoblog is pretty much a failure, but you can still follow it. I do update from time to time:

I'm going to blog at DELETED

I'm still having a lot of trouble with the idea of shutting down this blog :/


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I haven't been in the mood to write for a very long time.

I'm planning to shut this domain down in the next two months.

I will probably keep a more private blog somewhere else. I'm still keen on writing. It's a nice outlet.

Bye guys :)


I've already created my new blog. Now I have to determine what the hell I want to do with this. Do I shut down forever? Can I maintain this material somehow without having a purchased domain? Can a tech savvy individual point me in the right direction? It doesn't matter that much to me, but I guess it would be nice to have some of my entries for my personal records instead of just deleting everything like I did with Xanga. It felt very appropriate with Xanga though. I'm not one to look back at my entries and reflect, and considering the fact that I had Xanga for what I'd like to call my imbecile years, I don't particularly care to read some of the nonsense I wrote.

If you'd like to follow my personal blog, let me know and I'll email you the link.


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All Hail Facebook

I hate how Facebook has creeped into my everyday life, but damnit they are so good at it.

What was once intended as a simple profile on a website is now my online identity. In the beginning I only had intentions of friending only you know . . . my real friends. But then you meet people a few times and it might merit a friending. Then before you know it you start making these rules for yourself like "I will only friend people I've met in person" because suddenly you find yourself becoming friends with everyone you come across in your life.

And it all becomes so overwhelming, because now every time I share something out there I need to weigh all these things out in my head. You just can't share everything in your life to a general audience.

It would have helped if G+ didn't SUCK. Hell I don't even know why it sucks. But it just does. Facebook is just better, and believe me I don't enjoy typing that.

These Facebook Creeps have gotten way better at quietly infiltrating our lives without us making much of a fuss about it. For starters, I clearly remember most people hating the timeline at its inception. Then again, people just hate change in general, even if its good change, so this might not be a great example.

But what I thought was ingenious was how they slowly rolled it out. They always had a warning up top, that let you know that timeline is coming homie, whether you like it or not. And they offered a convenient little button that allowed you to voluntarily switch before they forced it on you.

The combination of a warning and a slow rollout effectively killed the mass upheaval that happened the last few times Facebook dropped some drastic changes on us. Not that all the moaning and groaning did jack, but it was still negative press.

Facebook also beats out some of the forums I am on. I can't stand browsing certain forums anymore because of the constant trolling and stupid arguments and the same tired threads over and over. It doesn't happen as often in the FB groups I'm in because although everyone is behind a computer, their identity is out there (for the most part), so people are a little less inclined to act like complete douchebags. Groups are a relatively new thing, but once they grow a little more and become more established, that will be another reason why people will continue using Facebook.

It's also pretty interesting how companies or celebrities have now been using Facebook as a means of interacting with the fans. The engagement level is surprising, and I think it's definitely a win for both the fans and the company or celebrity (and I'm using that word loosely).

I know there are a whole bunch of privacy issues with Facebook, but hey, the votes are in and it looks like the world does not care. We want to be connected to Facebook. Having Facebook is like having the internet. When somebody, especially those near my age or younger, says they don't have Facebook I'm always a little surprised.

And they bought Instagram! I don't know what this means to me or to the world, but everybody seems to really care. So I felt the need for an exclamation point there.

I have no idea where I was going with this. I wanted to stomp on Facebook for being super creepy but I have to give props to them for how smooth they are with their creepiness. Sneaking their little tendrils into our lives little by little.


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Is Everyone Entitled to Their Opinion?

Perhaps, but that doesn't mean we need to pay the slightest bit of attention.

There are two things that disqualify someone from being listened to:

1. Lack of Standing. If you are not a customer, a stakeholder or someone with significant leverage in spreading the word, we will ignore you. And we should.

When you walk up to an artist and tell her you don't like her painting style, you should probably be ignored. If you've never purchased expensive original art, don't own a gallery and don't write an influential column in ArtNews, then by all means, you must be ignored.

If you're working in Accounts Payable and you hate the company's new logo, the people who created it should and must ignore your opinion. It just doesn't matter to anyone but you.

I'm being deliberately harsh here for a reason. If we're going to do great work, it means that some people aren't going to like it. And if the people who don't like it don't have an impact on what happens to the work after it's complete, the only recourse of someone doing great work is to ignore their opinion.

2. No Credibility. An opinion needs to be based on experience and expertise. I know you don't like cilantro, but whether or not you like it is not extensible to the population at large. On the other hand, if you have a track record of matching the taste sensibility of my target market, then I very much want to hear what you think.

People with a history of bad judgment, people who are quick to jump to conclusions or believe in unicorns or who have limited experience in the market--these people are entitled to opinions, but it's not clear that the creator of the work needs to hear them. They've disqualified themselves because the method they use for forming opinions about how the market will respond is suspect. The scientific method works, and if you're willing to suspend it at will and just go with your angry gut, we don't need to hear from you.

If these two standards sound like precisely the opposite of what gets you on talk radio or active in anonymous chat rooms, you're right. Running your business or your campaign or your non-profit or your sports team based on what you hear on talk radio is nuts.


People who think their opinions always matter drive me crazy. The right to free speech does not mean it's okay to annoy people with it.

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Unwinding and Examining

I had a very relaxing weekend. On Saturday, I spent the majority of my time inside my apartment in a very meditative state. I had a chance to think and work through some things. It feels like I hit the reset button on things and cleared my mind of some cobwebs. Let's hope these thoughts and emotions are persistent.

- I need more days like Saturday where I have absolutely nothing planned. Having plans to make the most out of your day is a great thing, but I realized there wasn't any balance in my life. I tried to pack all my weekends with activities that I forgot what it felt like to enjoy something as simple as watching television in my own living room on a random Saturday afternoon.

- "You know what you have to do." I think every person, deep down inside always knows what they have to do in every situation. Whatever problems you have in your life, you KNOW what you have to do to correct it. Whether you choose to listen to that little voice of reason inside of you is up to you.

- This is going to sound like major cheese, but The Beatles were right: All you need is love. Okay maybe that's not ALL you need, but damnit the world sure could use a lot more of it. We all want to love, to be loved, to be heard and to be understood. Everyday I will make an effort to try and be the best friggin human I can be, keeping these things in mind.

I have some more random thoughts, but it's time to get back on track and hit the damn gym. Off I go.

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