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Has this ever happened to anyone?

You get in an empty elevator and when the doors just about close, you let one rip in there because you figure you're home safe. Then you hear someone running for the elevator, screaming "hold the door!"

Come on . . . come on . . . don't make it. Close already!

Bam, she sticks her arm through the door.

Oh god.

As she steps in and the doors close, she comes to the stark realization of what has just happened.



On a completely unrelated note, traffic to my site has been increasing steadily since this blog's inception.


One question that always springs into mind is . . . where do these people come from? Certainly not from search engines, which haven't contributed to any significant amount of traffic. So where?

Another question is . . . if I'm getting more unique visitors, where are the comments?

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A Very Tiring Weekend

Did a ton of mountain biking this weekend. I'm not an expert by any means, but I am ready to move beyond Cunningham and try new parks. I did about 2 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday. I didn't get away unscathed though. I got caught up in a thorny brush on Saturday and got scratched up along my arms. I also tipped over and landed on my elbow.

On Sunday I felt a lot more comfortable and was clearing a lot of the features that I was not able to clear the day before. Downside to that though was that I was feeling a little too comfortable. I decided to take this downhill jump that launched me in the air and threw me off my bike. Luckily I had gloves on and decided to wear a long sleeve that day, so the only thing I got from that was a scratch or two on my ankles and a bruised knee.

MTB'ing is surprisingly fun. I bought a bike expecting this to be whatever, but I found that I like MTB'ing just as much as snowboarding. The bad thing though about me though, as one of my friends pointed out to me, is that I'm extremely impatient and do not like to wait at all. Just like snowboarding, I hate stopping to wait for people and don't like it when people wait for me either. I don't like taking frequent breaks and like to ride trail after trail.

Aside from MTB'ing, I also got around to one of the Netflix DVDs that have been lying untouched on my desk for some time. I've been wanting to watch Wanted for some time now . . . what a huge disappointment! The trailer looked cool, but the actual movie fell way short.

[Warning: Spoiler Alert]

First off, I have a problem with cults, and the main protagonist is basically recruited into a cult. A group calling themselves "The Fraternity" supposedly help maintain world order by assassinating targets which are instructed to them via a magical loom. These guys go on to kill these targets with no questions asked, because obviously a magical freaking loom can't be wrong!

That was my main gripe about the movie. Secondly, the acting was not great. Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman were not engaging at all. They might as well not even have casted them because their role was minimal.

I didn't expect this to be movie of the year or anything, but I love super powered action movies (think Jumper) and I was disappointed that this movie turned out the way it did.

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Every Friday, someone makes a remark at work about how thankful they are that it's Friday and that the weekend is finally here. One of my coworkers always jokes that he dreads Fridays because it means it's only another 48 hours until it's Monday again.

This is similar to when people joke that a birthday is just another day to signify that you are one year closer to death.

I'm sure people are just joking when they make these kinds of remarks, but I do think there is a tinge of truth in it that reflects how they view the world. I don't think I'm a die hard optimist, but I prefer to look at a glass and think of it as half full instead of half empty.

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Cetaphil is Great!

Last summer I realized that my skin was reacting poorly to the lotion I was using. For years I was using Lubriderm, which was recommended by my dermatologist years ago. For some reason, the lotion started to make me itch really. Lubriderm claims it is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, etc etc but apparently thereĀ is something in that I was reacting badly to.

After some research, I decided to switch to Cetaphil lotion. In addition to that, I made it a point to moisturize directly after showering.

At the same time, I also switched from my Aveeno body wash to Cetaphil bar soap. It's been nearly 10 months, and this is by far the longest run I've had where I've not had any significant flare-ups with my eczema.

I recommend for anyone out there with sensitive skin to go out there and try out some Cetaphil products. My skin has always been REALLY bad, so I'm pretty amazed thus far how great the results have been.

I have made one small change though. I switched to a CVS imitation because apparently the patents for Cetaphil's products have long expired, so other companies are allowed to copy them. The generic products are identical in ingredients and have pretty much given me the same results, for a cheaper price.

I also use Cetaphil to wash my hands and face after brazilian jiu jitsu. Soap goes nowhere near my face. Nothing is as gentle as Cetaphil (or generic Cetaphil!).

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Busy Busy

I think I might have taken on more than I can chew. With a desired target of 2 days of rest a week (doesn't have to be a weekend), a desired target of 4 days of bjj a week with a minimum of at least 3, a minimum of 2 days of lifting a week, and 1 day of cycling a week, I have found it immensely difficult to keep up with all my goals.

I have also been slacking a bit in the project I'm helping with, but I plan to refocus myself starting today. Being busy is difficult but it forces me to be ultra efficient with my time. On week days when I get home I only have about an hour and a half to eat, shower, and do whatever I have to do before I go to sleep.

The good thing about my schedule though is that time just seems to fly. I have something to look forward to every day of the week.

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