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The Big Idea

What is a good idea worth if nothing ever comes to fruition? I'm tired of people believing that they have contributed something of great worth to society by simply proposing an idea. Then, when nothing ever comes of that good idea, they are content with complaining about how no one ever listens to them and how if they had just listened to that good idea of theirs, everything would have worked out.

Well guess what all you Great Idea Producers of the world. Your ideas alone are worth jack shit. Where's the ACTION? If your idea never gets past the execution stage, it's meaningless. Good ideas should be followed with executable action. And don't cry foul if things don't get done. If nothing gets done, it's because YOU couldn't get it done.

So the next time you have an idea that you believe in, don't just throw it out there expecting things to magically unfold. Find a way to make things happen.

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A Dream

If money was not an obstacle, what kind of career path would you choose? What would you do with yourself?

I forgot how the question goes, but it's something similar to that. It's a question that I've come across in the past that I was never able to answer. It's supposed to help you discover what your passion is in life, or at least that's what they say.

Well in the past few weeks, I've been secretly entertaining an idea that will probably only amount to nothing more than a dream, at least in the near future. I hope to one day open my own bjj school, but I want to focus on a youth program. Schools in the city are notoriously expensive. Ideally it'd be a low cost after-school recreational type of thing.

I want to open up my own school because I want to spread the art. I love and believe in brazilian jiu-jitsu. I love the concept of minimum effort for maximum efficiency. Of personal efficiency to protest the stronger. The force of leverage against brute force.

I want to focus on youth because I feel it is not very known on that level. When parents think of martial arts for their children, they think of karate or TKD. I want brazilian jiu-jitsu to be accepted into the mainstream. To be viewed beyond the context of UFC, which is what many people associate it with. I also think bjj is great for youth because it'd help keep them in great shape due to the intense nature of the sports. Way better than video games. It's also competitive but fun at the same time, and most importantly, the skills you learn in bjj are PRACTICAL.

I'm a long way from opening my own school. Hell I'm a long way from even being close to being qualified to teach.

None of this means very much if I don't train hard. I have years and years to go before any of this can be a possibility.


“Fine” Dining?

I was eating dinner at a very fancy pants restaurant last night when I thought to myself . .  . what kind of idiot pays through the nose for food like this? How do I justify a meal that costs more than what I pay for breakfast and lunch for my entire work week? A meal that would be the equivalent of what a family of five would spend on groceries for a week?

Maybe I have to be a "foodie" to appreciate fine food. That could be it. I don't consider myself a foodie, but I sure do love food. Maybe that's my problem. Am I just too undiscriminating when it comes to food?

I understand that part of dining out is the experience. I hate it when people think it's the same thing when you go out to a theatre and see a movie or if you just wait until it comes out on dvd to watch it. Or worse . . . downloading the bootleg. Going to the movies is an event unto itself. So I can totally understand the difference between dining out and eating in.

It could be that what I'm really paying for is the ambiance and the venue, which for some people is just as important a factor as the food itself. Some people are very influenced by what atmosphere they're in, or how the presentation of their food. These things matter to an extent for me; obviously if I'm eating somewhere dirty and unpleasant or if my food looks like it was slopped on the plate with an ice cream scooper, I wouldn't be too thrilled.

Maybe I just have a lot to learn about dining out. Personally I think dining out should be an experience, but I think people are full of shit if they think the food they eat at some of these places is so great it justifies the ridiculous prices they pay. The reason I do eat at some of these places though, is that I do these types of things infrequently ,it's with good company and many of these restaurants are places I'd like to try at least once.

Or this post could have been just a poor attempt at justifying my being cheap.

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Radio Sucks

One of my coworker plays the radio at work. He alternates between several rock stations. There's no K-Rock anymore, so the current selection of rock stations all vary between a mix of classic rock, new music and alternative. What I don't get is why radio stations that play classic rock play the SAME songs over and over, everyday. The same Nirvana songs everyday. The same Pearl Jam songs everyday. The same AC/DC songs everyday.

I can understand why mainstream stations like Z100 or Hot97 play the same crap . . . it's what's popular and it's what people want to hear. But what I don't get is why these classic rock stations have to play the same songs by the same artists all the time. Nirvana has TONS of good songs. Yet they play the same two songs everyday. Same with Led Zeppelin and every other good band. These bands have TONS of hit songs. Why do they play only a handful of them? I have more variety on my iPod!


2 Reviews

I went to Bethpage State Park this weekend to do some riding and had a great time there. My main gripe with Bethpage is that there are not enough elevation changes. The terrain tends to be on the flat side with little inclines or declines, so that means a lot of flat pedaling. For the most part, the trails were very leisurely and not very technical. Some of the singletracks were great. The great thing about Long Island trails are the buffed and polished singletracks. Clean and sweet. I'm beginning to get a lot more comfortable on my bike now, and I even learned how to bunny hop this weekend. The bad part though is that my wrist is all messed up so I'll have to give my wrist a break from physical activity for a bit.

The BEST part of the weekend was Star Trek. AWESOME movie. Going into the movie I read a lot of rave reviews, which usually means I should be prepared for a letdown. Movies don't really ever live up to the hype, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Star Trek exceeded my expectations.

The pacing of the movie was phenomenal. At no point did I think a scene was dragged on or unnecessary. Every scene had a purpose. The pacing was quick and energetic, but never frenetic. The cast was top notch, although I thought Eric Bana's role could have been filled by just about anyone. The story was good, and although several friends of mine have pointed out flaws in the story, I can overlook those things because of the general excellence of the rest of the film. Even the intro scene was epic. This was one of the best and memorable intros I have ever seen.

This movie is satisfying because I'm a fan of the Star Trek series, and although I've never followed the original Star Trek, I felt the movie does the series justice. At the same time, you definitely do not have to be a fan of the series or even know anything about it to appreciate the movie.

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