Semi-Charmed Life



Whatever it takes to get you motivated, right?





Do you spend more time leveling up your WoW or FF character than you do leveling up in real life? Perhaps it's time for EpicWin ($3). This nifty to-do app for iOS gives you XP for completing real-life chores and tasks, letting you improve both your real and virtual self at the same time. First items on the list? Clean up the stale Doritos from off the floor and take a damn shower, you filthy animal.

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Running and Reading

Will Smith is awesome beyond words.

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Spot the Fake Smile

How good are you at spotting a genuine smile?

My score is in the comments.

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No Dream is Too B.I.G.

Fuck the luck shit, strictly aim

No aspirations to quit the game

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A Sad Cat Trying To Revive its Friend

I have no idea if the cat is actually trying to get his buddy to "wake up" or if we're just projecting our emotions and personifying his actions, but it's still sad =/

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