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Boo: The Cutest Dog Ever

No, seriously. He is.

It takes a man who is very secure to openly make declarations of cuteness.

" i can stare for hours on end until i am fed. and then i inhale my food in about 8 seconds. it's a gift."

Don't judge me . . .

Boo's Facebook Page

Watch some of the videos on the page. As they say in Japan . . . KAWAIIIIIIIIII!

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Hong Kong and Back

The Return

Towards the end of my two week vacation in Taipei and Hong Kong, I was beginning to feel homesick and was more than ready to return home. It was my first real travel experience. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, but two weeks felt like a very long time to be away from home. I was yearning to be back in New York again.

After one disgustingly long and brutal flight, I was finally back home. One thing I've learned about traveling is that after a long flight, the best thing in the world after you get off that plane is knowing you have a ride home.

My brother was not free to pick me up the night I got back. I found out a few days prior to my departure so I had some time to try to look for a ride from somebody else, but I only asked one other person and after he said he was busy I decided that I'd just rather take the train back home. Of course, a person my age should have no problem with calling a cab back home but by the time I got back, I was out of that free-spending vacation mode and snapped right back into frugal mode. A cab ride to Brooklyn would not have been cheap.

Asking somebody for a lift from the airport is hard, especially on a Saturday night. Who the hell wants to drive all the way out to JFK on a Saturday night? You got it. Nobody.

Taking the train back home was good though. Hauling my heavy ass luggage through the trains felt like a new experience. It felt like my senses were heightened. I was more aware of the sights and smells of our subway system and how it contrasted with what I saw in Asia. The transit systems there are wonderfully modern and the trains and train stations almost seem warm and inviting compared to our near dungeon-like train system.

After I got home, I was immediately glad that I could shower in my own shower, shit in my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed.

The next day at work though, I was feeling like a zombie. A combination of jetlag and post-vacation blues was hitting me hard and I'm still feeling it right now. Being back at work felt surreal. Right now I'm feeling a bit empty and even a touch depressed. I was so worried today at work that I even googled it to see if it was normal and apparently it's not uncommon.

I've also gained quite a few pounds off this trip. Nearly everything I ate was either oily or fried. Chinese/Taiwanese food is not healthy. How the hell do people over there stay so thin?

It doesn't help that I have not done a lick of training or lifting in 3 weeks. I feel like such a slob. Tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym so hopefully that will snap me out of this shitty funk.

Hong Kong

I had two full days in Hong kong. My friends and I arrived in Hong Kong on a Wednesday afternoon and were scheduled to leave Saturday afternoon. It felt like such a short time relative to our stay in Taipei, which was over a week. At least one more full day would have been nice.

Our hotel

This was the hotel we stayed at. The area of TST it was located in was very touristy. Tons of hotels and expensive stores catered to foreigners. When the stores close and the crowds die down is when the working women come out. You can see them work their corners and sometimes they'll even run in packs of 2 or 3.

Tourist Trap

This was the first tourist trap we ran into. We didn't really have a guide in HK, so we did a lot of random exploring on our own. I think this spot might have been on Mody Road. There was a decent crowd around this joint. There were lots of pictures of them with famous HK celebrities on the wall. We figured the place looked legit so we ordered some curry fishballs, HK pancakes and some other food-on-a-stick items. The food was garbage! Expensive too. This picture was taken as a warning.

Park in TST

We discovered this awesome park in TST that was along Mody Road (or was it Nathan?)

Outdoor Pools in TST

The park had the most gorgeous swimming pool set up I have ever seen. This picture is just half of the swimming area. The place was an absolute urban paradise.

Park in Tsim Tsa Tsui

I was seriously impressed with this park. Like nothing I've ever seen.

Bobby in TST

I wish I could remember the name of the park. I tried to look it up on Google and I'm not sure if it's Kowloon Park. The pictures on the internet did not look like what I saw though.

Hong Kong Island

Other than the park, we were really disappointed with our first night in Hong Kong. It was way more touristy than we wanted it to be. Thus far, the park was the only interesting thing we encountered. On our way back to the hotel, we made our way to the promenade and which was where I was able to take this picture. Amazing view!

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The Insiders

A short film about indoor climbing featuring Paul Robinson, Sasha DiGiulian, Vasya Vorotnikov, and Ashima Shiraishi. Presented by Central Rock Gym in Worcester, MA, Rockwerx, prAna, Teknik, and e-grips.

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The Passive Agressive Door Holding Game

I thought this was hilarious:


Balking at the idea of upgrading my little blog for so long has meant I’ve been behind in my posts. This week I have a cartoon in the magazine, so I’m naturally relieved to learn I’m not cartoona non grata yet! We all get worried when we’ve sold cartoons but not seen any appear for a while. Did I say worried? I meant paranoid! Paranoid and worried! Anyway, here’s a catch up list of cartoons of mine that have appeared in The New Yorker most recently, with background on inspiration.

Above, appearing in this week’s TNY: I guess I don’t have to say that this has actually happened to me. Some “nice person” holds the door for me even though I am not near the door by a long shot yet, forcing me to step up my pace in order to not let them wait too long while I lumber towards them weighed down either by my heavy bag or by my metaphysical burdens.

I have a policy on door-holding: doors should only be held for a person who is within arm’s reach of actually taking up the relay when you let go of the door. Any longer, and the door-holder is just a pain in the ass. Unless, of course, the door-holdee has no arm available (due to multiple pieces of luggage or amputation) to hold the door. In that case, feel free to earn your brownie points.

Okay maybe "hilarious" is a little strong, but ya feel me right?

Anyway, I'm back in NYC. Going to try and post some pictures when I can.


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Taiwan: Random Pictures


Taiwanese people love bears apparently. I see bears everywhere!


Bears on umbrellas.


Bears on school bags.


Bears on the storefront.


Bears on another storefront.


Bears in the arcade.


Polar bears in the arcade!


This poor guy is sitting on the shitter with a piece of shit on his head, in the storefront of a restaurant named Modern Toilet. Ummmm. Yeah.


In other bear-less news, we spotted this guy rocking a dual purpose umbrella. Handle on one end, fan on the other.


This bus was pimped out with curtains!


Saw this sign on the subway. No smoking, no drinks . . . no bananas? Close call because we were just about to whip out our bananas and eat them on the train.


No trip to a foreign country is complete without a visit to McDonald's. Bobby wanted to hit up the Mickey D's to try out their fried chicken. I was surprised. It was not bad at all!


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