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Just A Dream – Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

These Youtube artists have really come a long way. Very catchy pop tune.

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Daisuke Nakamura vs Hideo Tokoro

Quite possibly one of the most amazing displays of grappling I've ever seen in an mma match.

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Living It Up

It's not a secret.

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Justin Flores Judo Highlight

Fantastic highlight. I really need to take some judo classes or something down the road. I takedown game sucks!

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Sambo: First Day

I took my first class at New York Combat Sambo today and it was pretty awesome. I've been meaning to work on leglocks for the longest time because that is one area that is extremely unfamiliar to me. Leg attacks are not really given a lot of emphasis in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so on occasion when I go up against somebody in training that starts attacking my leg, I usually start drowning in a sea of panic and usually end up tapping prematurely.

I just don't know what the fuck is going on! I don't even know the basics of defending against them. I blame the IBJJF governing body for implement such restrictive rules in regards to leglocks in competition. I don't primarily train for competition, but these rules affect everyone who trains because gyms will usually train their students according to the rules for competition purposes.

This thread describes some of the leglock restrictions in sport jiu-jitsu and the posters in that thread show a clear division in philosophy.

Some people are all for learning leglocks and believe that they can be practiced safely.

Others  say that these restrictions on leglocks at the lower level is for your own good, and that it's more important to develop good fundamentals first. Some of them outright will say that leglocks are cheap moves. They say that it's easier to get hurt doing leglocks.

I think that's all a bunch of crap. Leglocks should be trained just like everything else. I can see why people think that there is a higher chance of injury when leglocks are involved but if you train it safely on a regular basis and are taught to respect them then there should not be a problem. There's no reason why you have to train with leglocks at the expense of fundamentals and the people who say it's cheap must either suck at them or don't train them at all.

I have a gap in my training schedule on Tuesdays and it just so happened that NYCS had a class devoted to leglock fundamentals at the exact same time I usually train jiu-jitsu and in nearly the exact same location. This was definitely a sign from the grappling gods telling me to round out my game.

Stephen Koepfer (aka SamboSteve) is the head coach at NYCS. If I were to compare, training at Renzo's is like going to a lecture hall whereas NYCS feels more like a discussion class (or recitation or whatever you want to call it). Both in size and feel. In class today he showed us basic leglock entries vs butterfly, vs halfguard and vs sidemount. Sick stuff. Steve is a very attentive coach and gives a lot of feedback during training. The students there were very friendly and helpful. It was such a great feeling to actually be encouraged to go for leglocks.

My only gripe is that I wish I had more time in my schedule to fit in some of the throw classes that are offered. My own gym unfortunately does not focus very much on throws and takedowns, something which is very lacking in my game. For now my schedule looks like it's going to be 3 days of bjj, 1 day of sambo, and 2 days for lifting, swimming and running.

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