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Crazy in Vancouver

Yeah, so Vancouver basically went nuts and destroyed itself from the inside because their hockey team couldn't win the Stanley Cup.

Even amongst the chaos though, I'm glad there are some people who can still engage in good old fashioned non-violent fun and still be rebels at the same time.

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Race to the Bottom

Much of the contempt I hold for China is because of how their government chooses to advance the growth of the nation at the expense of the well-being of its citizens.

News had spread that workers and villagers had been poisoned by lead emissions from the factory, which had operated for six years despite flagrant environmental violations. But the truth was even worse: 233 adults and 99 children were ultimately found to have concentrations of lead in their blood, up to seven times the level deemed safe by the Chinese government.

One of them was 3-year-old Han Tiantian, who lived just across the road from the plant. Her father, Han Zongyuan, a factory worker, said he learned in March that she had absorbed enough lead to irreversibly diminish her intellectual capacity and harm her nervous system.

“At the moment I heard the doctor say that, my heart was shattered,” Mr. Han said in an interview last week. “We wanted this child to have everything. That’s why we worked this hard. That’s why we poisoned ourselves at this factory. Now it turns out the child is poisoned too. I have no words to describe how I feel.”



China just recently surpassed Japan as the world's second biggest economy, but at what cost?

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How LeBron James Broke the Golden Rule of Sports

As a counterpoint to my previous post about the unreasonable animosity basketball fans are showing to Lebron, here is an incredibly insightful video on why he's just a big jerk.

Or maybe this is an example of "when keeping it real goes wrong."

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Sean Bankhead

I love his choreography. I watched this video several times and checked out some of his other videos.

The chick in the gray sweatshirt is beautiful!

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Cheering Failure

If I were to take a look at my Facebook newsfeed and I did not know who Lebron James was, I would likely come to the conclusion that he was some sort of terrible baby eating seal clubbing Arab dictator that America has now apprehended. Despite my absolute lack of basketball knowledge though, it is completely impossible to be American without knowing who the self-anointed "King" is.

The entire social media landscape is painted with Lebron jokes. It seems like the entire world is reveling in his failed quest for a championship. Jokes are popping up all over Facebook and Twitter and even the unlikeliest people at work are talking about how Lebron deserved this.

Whether or not he deserved to lose, it's interesting to see how much people are enjoying this. His greatest crime appears to be leaving the team he was drafted to and going to a new team.

How many of you out there have stayed at your first job right out of school for 7 years or more?

If I were to pull a completely made-up statistic out of my pocket it'd be something like 5% of you.

We need to see past his fame and money and see him for who he really is; a person.

A human being.

Somebody like you and I that also has a career to look out for.

It's unfortunate that he did not turn out to be the hero that everyone wanted him to be, but maybe we need to stop elevating people into these  types of roles and just see them as a human being. Just look at what what's going on. We're taking pleasure in watching another man fail in his career, to the point that he's become a national joke.

Until the man does something really crazy like commit kitty genocide, I think we should just leave the guy alone.

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