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Mount Washington

I went to New Hampshire this weekend for Ray's bachelor party. For an atypical guy like Raymond who does not use umbrellas and does not wear white socks or jeans, it's only fitting that his bachelor party be as unique as he is. So it was only natural that a guy who is doing a grand BBQ wedding would go on a hike for his bachelor party.

Mount Washington is supposed to be an insane hike in the winter due to the ridiculous weather conditions, and while the weather was relatively cooperative this weekend, the hike proved to be plenty difficult in the summer as well.


The "Bachelor"

We started the hike with 14 people, and 15 minutes into our hike it was clear that not everybody was going to be hiking at the same pace.


Marriage makes a man think.

The terrain was actually quite challenging and harder than I had anticipated. The weather at the top was cold and windy with very little visibility. A small group of us made it to the top and we assumed that everybody else turned back around, but surprisingly on our descent down we saw the rest of our group slowly making their way up.


At the top.

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Dan’s 6th Annual BBQ

Yesterday I was at an awesome cookout hosted by my good friend Dan Lau. Great food, great company and an extremely welcoming pool amid the furious heatwave we've been experiencing these past few days.

I brought my dog Bobo out too. It's been ages since I've brought him out to socialize with other humans beside everyone in my family. Ialso wanted to bring him out because it's been a while since I've seen my dog and I missed him a lot! I wanted to bring my brother's dog too. Kirby is a tiny maltese, but that guy is totally screwed up in the head after he got neutered. I'm guessing the trauma of having his doghood cut off is associated with seeing strangers, so he is extremely scared of new people and dogs as well. He barks and will bite.

So yeah, I didn't want to be that guy, the guy who brings the fucked up dog that bites people.

Bobo is dumb but at least he's friendly!

On the way back home from the BBQ, my friends and I got into a discussion about the girlfriends of all our friends, specifically about the way they conducted themselves amongst the friends of their boyfriends.

It's a plus when a girl is able to be sociable around her man's friends without requiring his constant presence. I think it shows a lot of grace and charm and is probably one of the requirements for a girl to be a keeper.

And there were plenty of girls (or women, whatever females from 18 to their mid-twenties want to call themselves) that were able to mingle effortlessly. It was not like it was difficult. All you had to do was allow yourself to have a good time!

There's a pool, basketball courts, plenty of food, music and like 50+ people milling about having a great time. Join them!

One of our friends brought his girlfriend, but she was probably more of a pet than a girlfriend. While he was being his typical sociable, amiable self, she was holding his hand while standing silently behind him. She was attractive and she might have even had a personality to match, but we would never know.

Is being sociable and open to the friends of your significant others a requirement for a long-term, successful relationship?

Exhibit A is are my friends Ray and Karen Lee. I'm sure there are an immeasurable amount of reasons why their relationship works and numerous reasons why they adore each other, but one thing that makes her great is that she's able to be very friendly with all of Ray's friends and mingle about on her own.

Exhibit B is my friend John (not his real name). He goes out with Jane (which is also not her real name). They're in a serious long-term relationship, and it's probably a general consensus amongst all of us that she is a great catch. She's attractive, she's very smart with a fantastic educational background, she has a great career, but more important than any of that is she is super cool and very down to earth. And she can hang and probably drink most of my friends under the table! It's no surprise that some of us joke around with John to "lock that shit down," excuse the language.

The key similarity in both examples is that the girl is able to get along with people who aren't her own friends (at least not initially) and is able to come into her own and be her own person in front of us. It's sort of like my dog Kirby. I love Kirby and think he is an awesome dog, but if only he wasn't so terrible around other people then they could see what an awesome dog he is too!

Anyways, cheers to the weather supposedly being much cooler this upcoming week!

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Being a Busy Bee

I have not been blogging as much over the past month because I've just been so busy with various things. I haven't even been training as much as I'd like. I might train anywhere between 0-2 times a week. If I get 3 days in, it's a GREAT week. So my jiu-jitsu has been suffering terribly.

I post a lot on twitter though, so you can follow me there:

People hate on twitter but it's really not bad at all if you give it a chance. I've also been posting pictures regularly through an iPhone app called instagram. I love this app! If you have an iPhone, look for me @fiftysvn. It's sort of like a tumblr/twitter but for pictures only. It's actually pretty cool. The app comes with a bunch of filters that give your images some interesting looks. Some of the pictures people take with their iPhones are amazing!

I have to sit down this weekend and really start parse out my schedule as well as my budget. I feel like I've been trying to do so much (and in turn, spending much) that I have almost no time to relax. It's gotten to the point where I welcome rainy days during the weekend, which give me the perfect excuse to stay in. This weekend I have to force myself to do a little personal spring cleaning and tidy up my time and money management.

I'm always anxious thinking I'm not living my life to the fullest, you know? Taking advantage of every possibility? Just making sure that I'm not wasting one second of the little time I have.  - Clementine Kruczynski, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

That's exactly how I think, but maybe that's why she was a little fucked up in the movie.

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