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Chinese New Year Cleaning

My roommate J went out for a friend's birthday last night while his gf V spent nearly 3 hours cleaning the apartment (I helped a bit too) for the Chinese new year. Think of it as a spring cleaning type of ritual that happens during CNY.

Their conversation after J comes home:

J: Oh . . . the apartment looks clean.

V: We spent 3 hours cleaning this place!

J: Really? It didn't look like a 3 hour job. I would have cleaned it in 1.

V: Really now J? You're telling me you would have done what we did in 3 hours in 1 hour? :::rolls eyes:::

Me: Damn J. That is not what you say to your gf after she spent hours cleaning while you were out drinking!


We Are All One

I tried to write up my thoughts from a really deep and insightful day of conversation and experience with my boy The Perpetual Ponderer, but wasn't really able to come up with a good entry. He hit all the ideas in his blog post though, so click on that link and check it out.


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