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KONY 2012

I'm not as emotionally or as morally invested as other people are, but I appreciate the conversations this issue has been generating.

One week ago, nonprofit group Invisible Children started a firestorm on the Internet with its Kony 2012 video. At first glance, the 30-minute film seemed innocuous, a passionate plea to get the world interested in the plight of Ugandans and other Africans forced to confront the murderous rebel leader Joseph Kony. But soon the backlash began. And then came the backlash against the backlash, which later led to backlash against the backlash against the backlash.

Completely agree:

When it comes to the Kony film, it's unlikely society will reach a consensus about it anytime soon, and with good reason: It's extraordinarily hard to unpack. Does the film distill a complex problem with centuries of backstory into a simplistic soundbite? Yes. But it has also illuminated tens of millions of people to an issue they didn't know existed before. And it has thrust the plight of central Africa into popular culture, leading everyone from the Guardian to TMZ to Oprah to have thoughtful conversations about child soldiers and charitable giving to Africa. I'm not sure anyone believes Kony 2012 is perfect, but it doesn't seem wise to toss it on the scrap heap, either. Whether or not you like it, at least it serves as a reminder that the world is messy and hard to organize. The best any of us can do is keep reading, keep talking to each other, keep trying to do the right thing, and keep hoping that there's more than one way to destroy a warlord.


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Foot, Meet Mouth

A handful of people came over my apartment last week for some hotpot. While we were eating, the conversation lands on the topic of beer. My roommate J bought a few different kinds of beer, and declared that he would try to have a goal of drinking one new beer a day for 365 days.

Friend: I don't think you're going to do it.

J: Yeah . . . you're right. You know me and my committment issues.

(A few of us shake our heads)

V (J's gf): *ahem* Your girlfriend is sitting right here.

Me: J, you are the worst.


Photo Blog

After spending a good part of the night trying to convince my friend N to start a blog, I somehow ended up motivating myself to renew my Project 365 efforts. The first time around I ended up stopping because it was such a nuisance to have to carry my camera around all the time. If I chose to use my iPhone to take a picture, there was no easy way to update this blog with the picture.

I went with Tumblr because of its simplicity and its ease of use. I can update my tumblr through my instagram app and I have my phone on me 99% of the time.

Check it out here:

It'll just mostly be pictures with some captions. I'm going to try and stay away from reblogging material, but we'll see how that goes.

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Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, ASAP!

I feel awful this season for signing up for volleyball again because between the stress of losing my apartment soon, looking for a new position for work, jiu jitsu training and training for 4 races I signed up for, I've been feeling overwhelmed and have been finding it impossible to make it to my volleyball games sometimes. It's especially hard because of the late start times. Games often start at 9:15pm and have me getting home a little past midnight. Not ideal when I have to wake up at 6am for work. It's just once a week, but feels like a bigger committment than it seems and it feels crummy to have to flake on games for one reason or another. I had to miss my game last night because of a bad stomachache.

I really need to find some time to lift weights again. I haven't lifted for quite some time and I can feel the difference. I don't feel as strong when I'm training jiu jitsu and I have lost a few pounds since I've stopped lifting. I also haven't been swimming in a while either. I've just been slacking overall.

Let's also add cooking and cleaning to the list of things that I've been neglecting. Typically, I do all my grocery shopping on the weekends, so whenever I'm busy the entire weekend and am not able to get around to that, I don't cook. Eating out every meal these past few weeks has been expensive and unsatisfying. My apartment is a mess and I am behind on my laundry too, which I also only do on weekends when I'm able to set aside 2 hours.

It always seems like there is never enough time to do everything I have to do or want to do.

I need to set some time aside to collect myself and get my shit together.

Kelly Clarkson, tell me what to do!

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I've been collecting all these random thoughts that I was planning to break up into separate posts, but who knows if I'll ever get around to doing that or if I'll still remember whatever it was I was thinking about later on.

What do you think is an acceptable level of noise in your apartment on a Saturday night? We had some friends come over Saturday night to have a few beers and play Cranium. Some music playing from my room. I believe around 11 my upstairs neighbor came downstairs and said we were being too loud, and that he had to wake up early.

I lowered the music and throughout the night we tried to contain our voices as much as we could. But I mean, it's a Saturday night, we're drinking beer, and we are freaking playing Cranium. We're not going to be whispering the entire time playing Cranium.

Some time later, possibly a little after midnight, they forego the whole coming downstairs and knocking on our door thing and just start stomping on the floor.

This time I was annoyed. I thought we were at an acceptable indoor volume level. It's a Saturday night. This is our apartment. Nobody's dancing. No music is being played at this point. We all were talking at what I thought was a reasonable level.

So at this point, should I have acquiesced to their demands that we shut down the whole operation? Kick everyone out and call it a night? We tried to finish our last game quickly, but the fun was already beginning to fade. Being sucked out by the boring fuddy duddys that live upstairs who started to stomp on the floor intermittently.

Even by the time everybody left, a little after 2am, when it was just my roommates and I talking they yet AGAIN gave a few emphatic foot stomps. At what point is it on them to just accept that it's the fault of house that we live in? This is probably the first time we've had a gathering at our apartment, so it's not a regular thing.

The worst part is now somebody is being a little passive aggressively vindictive by slamming all their doors and stomping really hard on the floor when they walk. They can do that all day because personally it doesn't bother me. I find it pretty amusing that people can be so passive aggressive.

Okay I lied in my beginning paragraph. This took longer to write than I expected, as I was plagued with pangs of ADD attacks and jumped from website to website browsing.

And I'm tired.

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