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Canine Rant


This picture was taken with my phone, so excuse the poor quality. The big one on the bottom is my dog, Bobo. He just turned 2 in October. After 2 years, there are still some things about him that drive me crazy. For one, he is a moody piece of shit sometimes. There would be months on end where he'd be fine with doing his thing outdoors, but out of the blue he'd decide to pee in the same spot indoors for weeks on end. He stopped doing that about 2 months ago, and I hope this time it's permanent.

I'm not sure what's up with him now, but the new thing with him seems to be disdain for the food I give him. He hates eating his food, and sometimes he will only eat it if we force him to eat it. What kind of dog has to be told to eat his food? I have to stand over him and watch him sometimes to make sure he finishes.

He's also the LAZIEST freaking dog in the world when he's indoors. He can literally sit on the couch for the entire day, doing nothing. There have been times where I would come home and expect to be greeted by the guy, only to open the door and see him just chilling on the couch. He's on and off with that though. Some days he'll run up to you and wag his tail like he hasn't seen you in a week, other days he sits on the couch looking like he's stoned out of his mind or something.

The thing is though, once you shake the leash as a sign that you're going to bring him out, he goes NUTS. He loves going out, and he loves to pee on EVERYTHING. He especially has a thing with cracks on the ground. He loves peeing on the sidewalk crevices. Yea . . . beats me. The thing that bothers me the most is that he always barks at other dogs. He's not aggressive with other dogs because when I bring him to the dog park, he doesn't do that. But god-forbid if he sees another dog on leash and I don't let him go say what's up, he'll start barking non-stop. It gets pretty embarrassing sometimes, because he goes CRAZY.

And speaking of crazy, I've stopped giving him chew treats like bones and pig ears. Whenever I would give him one, he automatically turns on protective mode and just hovers over his treasure. If I even start approaching it, he gets in between, and if I reach for it he will start growling. The look in his eyes turns pretty menacing.

I want to correct all these bad traits but it just seems impossible at this point. Maybe one day when I have the funds I'll bring him away to a training school and hope they take care of all these problems.

By the way, the dog on top is my brother's dog, Kirby. I don't even want to get started on that guy.


So that retard Bobo today dug through a garbage can and found a huge chicken bone. I saw him chewing on it and god he was giving the most hardcore "Don't touch my fucking bone" look I've ever seen. He ended up ingesting the whole thing. Now I'm worried about internal bleeding . . . Bobo why are you so stupid!

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