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Fiction vs. Non-fiction

I find it odd that I have some friends who discriminate against reading fiction. What others read is entirely their own prerogative, but I still find it odd. The justification, I'm told, is that fiction is useless and given a choice between fiction and non-fiction, they would choose non-fiction because they're learning something.

I don't have a preference for either one. My requirements are simple: if it sounds interesting or if I think I'll be entertained by it, it's worth reading. Excluding literary fiction is like saying movies are not worth watching unless they are documentaries or like saying the only channel you'll watch is PBS. That's probably an unfair analogy because there are a lot more compelling non-fiction books out there than there are documentaries or programs on PBS. My point though, is that books are just another medium and should not be confined to fiction, non-fiction or any specific genre.

The other day I was talking with some people about a book I'm currently reading, Game of Thrones. It's the first fantasy book I've ever read and I'm enjoying it a lot. Someone in the group though, had made a remark that fantasy is not her thing. How do people know unless they try? I think people should have preferences, but they should never close themselves off to anything.

As far as those who choose to read non-fiction to the exclusion of fiction because they see fiction as time-wasters, I think they should give fiction books more of a chance. It's nice to read just for leisure's sake and to get lost in a story. The fact that it's a book does not mean we can't indulge our minds like the way we do with movies. Literary fiction is just as awesome as cinematic fiction.

On a final semi-related note, being open minded is a double-edged sword. I recently agreed with a friend of mine to watch 3 episodes of any Korean drama of her choice if she watched 3 episodes of any show of my choice. I started watching Secret Garden, which is the first Korean drama I've ever seen. What a mistake! This stuff is like eating Taco Bell at 2 in the morning. It's so bad and I know I shouldn't be taking this junk in, but once I start I have to finish. So yeah, I'm on episode 11 right now. I just want this show to end already. I want to find out what happens in the end but my mind is going to have to rot in the process. It feels like going straight to bed without brushing my teeth after chugging a bottle of soda. I feel like shit.

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