Semi-Charmed Life


Must Be The Feeling

I had such a great training session last night. I definitely feel like the last competition helped improve my game. I am making much quicker decisions at the onset of the matches in training of whether I want to play a guard game or if I want to play a passing top game, depending on what looks my partner gives me. I've noticed that in training, many people like to hand or grip fight lackadaisically without any clear indication of whether they want to start with a guard game or if they want to initiate a guard pass. Last night, my goal was to be the one to make the first decision of where I want the match to take place. Competing has helped me realize that I much prefer to be the one passing than the one playing guard, and if I am playing a guard game then I prefer a cross collar foot on hip type of open guard.

Even though I haven't been having much tournament success, it's nice to see that I am actually learning from my experiences. I felt pretty good about last night's training session, despite taking an errant knee to the mouth and getting a fat lip.

Anyway, I've been playing this dubstep jam all morning:

This one too!

Mishal Moore - It Ain't Over (Document One Remix)