Semi-Charmed Life


Radio Sucks

One of my coworker plays the radio at work. He alternates between several rock stations. There's no K-Rock anymore, so the current selection of rock stations all vary between a mix of classic rock, new music and alternative. What I don't get is why radio stations that play classic rock play the SAME songs over and over, everyday. The same Nirvana songs everyday. The same Pearl Jam songs everyday. The same AC/DC songs everyday.

I can understand why mainstream stations like Z100 or Hot97 play the same crap . . . it's what's popular and it's what people want to hear. But what I don't get is why these classic rock stations have to play the same songs by the same artists all the time. Nirvana has TONS of good songs. Yet they play the same two songs everyday. Same with Led Zeppelin and every other good band. These bands have TONS of hit songs. Why do they play only a handful of them? I have more variety on my iPod!


Enjoying Bad Movies

What makes a movie good? Is it enough to call a movie good if you simply enjoyed it? Sometimes I watch a movie and I know it's not a good movie, yet I still find it enjoyable. Two movies I recently saw that fits the bill:


I know neither of them are even close to being Oscar winners. I mean, they got 29% and 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively. But even though I know both of them have some serious flaws, I thought they were both highly entertaining because a) I like almost every movie that Nicholas Cage is in (except for Ghost Rider, which I thought was pure crap) and b) I'm a sucker for dance movies.

So screw you Rotten Tomatoes . . . stop being so picky and just enjoy the damn movie!


The Unpopularity of Scifi

It's unfortunate that the scifi genre of movies and television is so often maligned and unappreciated by the general public. I can somewhat see why. I don't consider myself a scifi fan. Scifi shows and movies don't really come off as appealing to me, and often times I get the impression that it's either too complicated to watch or too cheesy to believe. Those biases are the reason why it took me so long to pick up on good television shows.

My scifi resume isn't that impressive.

Star Trek: The Next Generation


This was one of the shows I grew up on. I don't consider myself a diehard fan, but it was a show I watched whenever it was on and I've seen a lot of damn episodes. People who have never seen TNG are really missing out. Very rich show with some very good stories.

Star Trek Voyager


Another very good Star Trek series. I was never much into any of the other Star Trek series except for TNG and Voyager.

Stargate: SG-1


I wouldn't even call myself a fan of the show because it would sully the fanhood of a true fan of the show, but this is something I watch every now and then when it airs late night. The plot is usually pretty interesting, and I like Richard Dean Anderson.

Battlestar Galactica


I thought this show was the geekiest show ever for the longest because of the name of the series. I'm glad I gave it a shot because even though I thought some of the stuff in the first few episodes were corny (frack!?), the plot is very epic and the characters really grow on you. And yes, even the word frack becomes tolerable. Awesome show. I have to catch up on the last season though. I'm hoping they tie up all the loose ends.



This is the show I'm currently working on now. Another show that I'm glad I gave a chance to. This show was axed after only airing 11 out of 14 episodes, which is an atrocity considering how good the show is. It's a shame when there is a good show out there that is not well received by the mass audience. This has been the case with 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights and Arrested Development, along with other good shows which either end up being canned or teeter on the edge of cancellation every season. I'm on episode 9 of 14 already, and I'm already feeling sad that there will be no season 2 to look forward to, although I'll have Serenity (a full length movie based on the show was made because the Firefly dvd was well received). Fox apparently butchered Firefly by airing the episodes out of its intended order, which made Joss Whedon vow to never work with them again. His new show "Dollhouse" will be airing on Fox, but he has said that "These are different people [...] they didn't do to me what was done to Firefly."

And here's David Cross and his take on why Arrested Development got canned:

Anyway, going back to my original point . . . don't know if I really made it, but it's that there is an unjust negative bias towards scifi by the mass audience, and people should try to overcome that and give scifi a chance. If they give it a shot, they'll realize that there's some really good writing out there, and that some really good shows don't have to end up being canceled.



Everyone in the world has their own idea of what "good music" is. Some attribute good music to a certain time period or a particular genre. I've noticed that taste in music varies widely and no two people have the same exact taste in music, which is not suprising of course. What bothers me though is that many people have very limited taste in music and only stay in their comfort zone. I guess what each person like is his or her own prerogative, but I think it's a shame if a person doesn't expand their taste and learn to appreciate all different types of music.

I don't mean to say that I'm this worldly music guy who loves everything, but I do think over time I've developed an appreciation for many different genres of music. I don't think my taste in music is obscure either, since I really only like the popular stuff for every genre of music I listen to. Some stuff I got into really late, but the key was to be open minded about it. I also don't mean to imply that I listen to everything. Country doesn't do it for me (except for Rascal Flatts, but are they really country?) and I still can't wrap my head around jazz despite many attempts. And sometimes I might like some artists in a genre, but it doesn't mean I like all artists in that genre.

I think I might be alone on this when I say that I don't really pay attention to lyrics though. It's not like I don't hear it, but lyrics have never struck a chord in me. As far as vocals go, I just go by how it sounds. How it sounds is more important to me than what the lyrics actually mean. A little shallow, I know.

I think I can characterize my taste pretty easily. A song that makes you feel some type of emotion, whether upbeat, happy, angry or sad, is a good song. A song that makes you want to sing or dance is a good song. This last part is important. If a song starts playing and I feel compelled to sing aloud, it must be a good song (like this song and this song).

Anyway, right now I'm stuck on some trance/house/freestyle binge . . .

Collage - I'll Be Loving You

Rockell - In A Dream

Lil Suzy - Take Me In Your Arms