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Ribs (Not the ones you eat)

I left work early yesterday to see the doctor because my ribs were still bothering me. The act of sneezing feels like somebody is taking a chisel and slamming it inside my ribs. My doctor suspected it was a rib fracture but he received the x-ray results today and told me he had good news, that it was not a fracture after all. I'm not quite sure what to make of that because that means I still don't know what kind of injury I have. The only thing I know is that it fucking hurts.

Not that he can really do much for me anyway. He did, however, prescribe me some painkillers. Ultracets. I'm pretty sure I was better off without the painkillers because I felt like complete shit today. I felt very dizzy and extremely nauseous at work. The side effects are way worse than the pain itself!

I still have to take an ultrasound this Saturday of my stomach to make sure my organs are okay. Hopefully I'll be better by the end of the month because life is absolutely boring being away from the gym! I can't train bjj. I can't lift. I can't run. I can't do ANYTHING physically demanding. Life has been so BORING these past two weeks!

I had a longer entry in mind but I'm still feeling the effects of the painkillers so it's time to say good night!

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Healthy Snacking, Ctd.

In addition to trying to replace all my snacks with healthier snacks such as fruits, breads and nuts, I'm also in the process of trying to cut down my sugar intake. I've been pretty good with drinking just water at work instead of sugary beverages, but now I've found something that's just as healthy (I hope) yet isn't as bland as water.

Seltzer water!

Or sparkling water, whichever you prefer. I had it for the first time yesterday and to my surprise, it wasn't bad at all.

My real vice though is my morning cup of coffee. I get a small cup with cream and one sugar every morning. I don't drink it any other way. In an effort to be more health conscious though, I decided to try and cut out the sugar this morning. Just cream . . . and you know what, it wasn't bad!

Maybe if I were really serious I'd cut out the coffee altogether, but for now my sugar-less coffee is victory enough for me.

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