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Hope Is Not A Strategy

I read an excellent article written by Cliff Draughn, a wealth manager in Georgia, regarding the current economic situation and his outlook on the future. It's a very long article, so read it only if you have the time. In the course of the article, he says "hope is not a strategy" regarding the future of the stock market. That line really stuck with me, and not just in the context he used it in.


I'm not ready to give up on the idea of hope just yet, but hope should only be reserved for situations where there is nothing that can be done, or when a situation is beyond your control. Hope to me signifies the inability to act. So by these standards, it's fairly safe to say to someone "I hope you do well" or "I hope you feel better soon" because you're not responsible for another individuals outcome.

But it is senseless to hope for something positive regarding one's own future. I'm beginning to equate hope with desperation, because only the desperate live on hope. If you're busy hoping for a great job or hoping to do well on a test or an interview, then that means you're not doing enough to make your way to that great job, to ace that test or do well on that interview.

To rely on hope is to rely on luck, but in the real world, you make your own luck. Relying on hope is an admission that you are a victim to chance. I've been guilty of this too, but these days I'm trying to be more conscious of my thoughts. Whenever catch myself hoping for something, I have to remind myself that I shouldn't be hoping for it. I should be doing things to make it happen. This may sound like common sense for some, but statements like "I hope I do well" are not benign statements at all and you hear things like that being said all the time. If you ever catch yourself hoping for something, ask yourself what you could be doing to achieve what you're hoping for instead of just hoping. Hope is not a strategy.

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