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Another Bromance

I saw I Love You, Man yesterday and came out feeling a little disappointed. Maybe it was because I just saw Knocked Up two weeks ago so I had high expectations. Yes, I know Knocked Up came out ages ago and I'm late to the party and all. Whatever. Knocked Up is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. The dialog was good throughout the whole movie. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd were hilarious in it.


When I saw that Paul Rudd was starring in I Love You, Man, I was pretty excited. The movie turned out to be just ok. That's why I hate reading reviews prior to watching a movie. The reviews made the movie sound awesome. 82% on Rotten Tomatoes!

The movie is about a guy (Paul Rudd) who is about to get married. You soon find out though that he has no close guy friends. He has always felt that he just connected better with women, and his fiance and her friends sort of think it's a bit odd. So his quest begins as he looks for new friends so that he can find a best man for his wedding.

Anyway, the movie echoes something that I've always felt. I've always thought it was weird for guys to not have close guy friends or for girls to not have close girl friends. I think it says something about you if you are not well accepted by other members of your gender. I'm not sure what it says about you, but I just think it's not normal.

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Enjoying Bad Movies

What makes a movie good? Is it enough to call a movie good if you simply enjoyed it? Sometimes I watch a movie and I know it's not a good movie, yet I still find it enjoyable. Two movies I recently saw that fits the bill:


I know neither of them are even close to being Oscar winners. I mean, they got 29% and 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively. But even though I know both of them have some serious flaws, I thought they were both highly entertaining because a) I like almost every movie that Nicholas Cage is in (except for Ghost Rider, which I thought was pure crap) and b) I'm a sucker for dance movies.

So screw you Rotten Tomatoes . . . stop being so picky and just enjoy the damn movie!



I've been having this stabbing pain near my tailbone area for the past couple of days so I've had to limit my activities. Anything that requires me to bend down really low hurts, and it hurts whenever I get up from a chair or get up out of my bed. What's disturbing is that these freak injuries have been happening more frequently these days. Pain that comes and goes mysteriously.


Well I finally got a chance to see what the hype was about with Twilight. Some guy friends of mine have read and/or watched the movie and all of them have said it was not bad. I don't think any of them fell in love with it but I figured it can't be that bad if none of them had anything really negative to say. I wasn't about to go out and pay to watch the movie alone nor am I a huge fan of downloading anymore, so I did the next best thing and streamed it off the internet.

Overall I thought the movie was enjoyable but there were some things in the movie that I had problems with. These things may have been addressed in the book, but I'm only going by the movie.

First, how long have the Cullens been around Forks? I'd imagine not too long since you can only stay in one place for so long before people begin to realize that you're not aging. I'd also figure it can't be that long since you can only be in high school for so long before people really begin wondering.

Which then leads me to ask, why would someone who is immortal, super fast and super strong want to repeat high school endlessly for his entire life. Looking 17 is not the same as being 17. Unless there's some weird vampire law that makes you have the mentality of whatever age you turned into a vampire for the rest of your life, Edward Cullen is 90+. Why is he going to high school?

Another thing I have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around is the notion of Edward falling in love with someone who he thinks is extremely delicious. So she gives off this scent that drives him nuts and makes him want to feast on her blood, but instead of doing that, he falls in love with her?

And the bad guy, James. What's his deal? Why does he become so fixated on Bella? Why couldn't all the vampires just duke it out on the baseball field? It's 7 to 3. Why go through that whole running away ordeal?

Ok this is starting to frustrate me. I think I'm going to just stop here. If anything, it was an entertaining movie and I guess I should leave it at that.