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Breakfast Food for Thought

I joked around in an earlier entry about vampires being emotionally retarded, but I thought about it some more and perhaps I've hit on something. Maybe the only reason why humans grow and mature as people is because of our mortality, and if dying no longer becomes an issue then that would throw off our entire maturing process.

Perhaps "growing up" then, is not really a function of age, but rather a function of how long you've been on this earth relative to how much time you have left. The concept of age is meaningless if you never grow old and never have to die. It just becomes another number.

This is how an 80 year old human can be wiser than a 500 year old vampire who never ages past 17.

Or, and I wish there was some way to test this theory, perhaps we mature emotionally as a function of how our bodies look and feel. What if we were to still remain mortal and die at 70 or whatever the average age is that people die at, but look and feel 18 all the way until death. How would that change us? I'm genuinely curious, but there's no way to know the answer so all I can do is speculate.

And that's my Tuesday morning food for thought.

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Smart girls are more intimidating than hot girls.

And if they're both . . . beware.

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