Semi-Charmed Life


Burnt Out

Two things . . .

First, I'm done with this project 365 business. I just can't manage to take one picture a day every single day. I will however still try to take as many pictures as possibly on what hopefully will be a daily (or close to daily) basis. I only lasted 38 days!

Second . . . why do I try to pack so many things into my weekends? My body feels sore and burnt out. On Saturday I trained for a total of 5 and a half hours. I did a no-gi class and followed it up with mma. Danny stopped by at the end of my class to help me work on my wrestling but by the time he got there, I had been training for 3 hours straight and was completely exhausted. We still managed to work on some things for 20 minutes or so.

I chilled for a few hours after class, until 6pm rolled around and I dropped in on my friend's fledgling boxing/muay thai class. My friend recently started doing a boxing class at his youth club and I thought it'd be a good opportunity to get some more stand-up training in. It was a grueling 2 hours that left me physically defeated by the end of the day.

I was still determined to hit the gym on Monday though, but I did not account for the toll swimming would take on me. I woke up this morning feeling like I was hit by a truck. Now I'm really feeling the combined effects of the activities from this weekend.

Aiming to be back in the gym by Wednesday. One day of rest is just not going to cut it this time. I think somewhere along the line I forgot that weekends were supposed to be relaxing.


Back on the Mats


I was finally able to get a class in. I haven't gone for about a week and change until today. Work is killing me . . .


End of Month Dinner: Daisy May’s

At the end of every month I meet up with some fraternity brothers of mine from Binghamton for dinner. Shit is no joke . . . you miss a dinner you owe a bottle at the next one. Unless it's for a good reason. "I'm broke" can't be one of them.

This month we ate bbq from Daisy May's. It was right by Danny's apartment so we ate on the top of his building.




We even have a name for this exclusive dinner club of ours. It's a little corny though so I'll only tell ya if you ask me in person.


Cheeky Sandwiches


That's the beef sandwich I had tonight. DELICIOUS!

The worst part is that I had another sandwich right before. I had the fried chicken and biscuit sandwich, which was amazing. Their menu is sparse and the place looks like just another hole in the wall joint, but don't be fooled.

My review of this place on Yelp.




My review of this place on Yelp.