Semi-Charmed Life


Foot, Meet Mouth

A handful of people came over my apartment last week for some hotpot. While we were eating, the conversation lands on the topic of beer. My roommate J bought a few different kinds of beer, and declared that he would try to have a goal of drinking one new beer a day for 365 days.

Friend: I don't think you're going to do it.

J: Yeah . . . you're right. You know me and my committment issues.

(A few of us shake our heads)

V (J's gf): *ahem* Your girlfriend is sitting right here.

Me: J, you are the worst.


Chinese New Year Cleaning

My roommate J went out for a friend's birthday last night while his gf V spent nearly 3 hours cleaning the apartment (I helped a bit too) for the Chinese new year. Think of it as a spring cleaning type of ritual that happens during CNY.

Their conversation after J comes home:

J: Oh . . . the apartment looks clean.

V: We spent 3 hours cleaning this place!

J: Really? It didn't look like a 3 hour job. I would have cleaned it in 1.

V: Really now J? You're telling me you would have done what we did in 3 hours in 1 hour? :::rolls eyes:::

Me: Damn J. That is not what you say to your gf after she spent hours cleaning while you were out drinking!


First Trip of the Season

Went snowboarding in Killington, Vermont this weekend and had a decent warm up for the season. Hopefully I'm ready for Utah. Unfortunately, I caught a cold this weekend. I also tossed self-control out the window and ate like a disgusting slob. I had way more chocolate covered caramelized sugar waffles and apple ciders than any healthy human being should be consuming.

At least I made it back injury-free.

Anyway, the night before the trip to Killington, V helps J pack all his things for his trip because he was coming home late. A very sweet, loving thing.

[J gets home and plops his drunk self on to the couch]

V: I packed all your things for your trip. Go and double check to make sure everything is there.

J: I don't know how to.

V: What do you mean you don't know how to?


Shit My Roommate Says

It's the thought that counts?

J: I got you a beanie.

V: It's ugly.

J: I got it for free! (He had ordered a large shipment of snowboarding gear and got a bonus item.)

V: Get me a non-free beanie!


Shit My Roommate Says

The other day I was entertaining the idea of starting a new blog filled with some of the shit my roommate says that cracks me up. He always manages to say the wrong thing in front of his girlfriend (who also lives in the same apartment with us) all the time. He's completely well intentioned. It just doesn't seem that way.

It's not worthy of a separate blog, but it warrants an occasional blog post on this one.

One of the first SMH moments that I can remember:

[Sitting at a restaurant eating dinner with friends]

Me: Oh, is that a new watch? It looks nice. Can I see?

J: It's just a Fossil.

R: Didn't V give you that as a gift?

V(sitting right next to J): Yes, I did.