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First Trip of the Season

Went snowboarding in Killington, Vermont this weekend and had a decent warm up for the season. Hopefully I'm ready for Utah. Unfortunately, I caught a cold this weekend. I also tossed self-control out the window and ate like a disgusting slob. I had way more chocolate covered caramelized sugar waffles and apple ciders than any healthy human being should be consuming.

At least I made it back injury-free.

Anyway, the night before the trip to Killington, V helps J pack all his things for his trip because he was coming home late. A very sweet, loving thing.

[J gets home and plops his drunk self on to the couch]

V: I packed all your things for your trip. Go and double check to make sure everything is there.

J: I don't know how to.

V: What do you mean you don't know how to?


Weekend at Stratton

I went to Stratton, Vermont this weekend and I have to say, Stratton is probably one of my favorite mountains so far. It's not the biggest mountain, but I like the terrain there. I had a blast doing glade runs this weekend. I was hesitant at first because I had several not so great experiences in the past, but I think I finally got comfortable navigating through glades. I'm pretty addicted to glades, so that's what I'll probably be working on every time I hit up Vermont. I think my problem before was that I was too fixated on the trees ahead of me instead of looking at the path I was on. Now I'm able to completely focus on the path. What helped for me was looking ahead and deciding in advance which turns and lines I were going to take. I'm still not able to handle really dense glades though, nor can I handle it when it gets to steep. The blue glades at Stratton were great.

Aside from doing the glades though, I was pretty disappointed that I didn't force myself to ride switch more. I can ride switch, but I feel very slow and not completely sure of myself. The best way to get better is to obviously practice more, but when you see all your friends zooming past you and disappearing into the distance, it's hard not to switch back to your natural stance and catch up with them.

This is my second season with my own setup. I think I'm ok considering it's my second real season of snowboarding, but it's starting to feel like I'm hitting a plateau. I think what I really have to do is just grow a pair . . . I'm not trying new tricks because I'm afraid to get hurt, but I'm not going to get better that way.

Anyway, the best part about the weekend apart from the awesome conditions is me winning a free raffle: two two-day lift tickets and two nights stay for two at Stratton. Freaking awesome.

I didn't take any pictures, but here's a picture of me and with some of my fraternity brothers who were also there that weekend (I'm the fourth from the right, in the white and tan outfit):



Mountain Creek on MLK

I went to Mountain Creek today with Joey and Kevin. Mountain Creek is not the shit hole that many people make it out to be. Well ok, it is but there are some good reasons to go. I'm a bit of a snowboarding snob, in that I will refuse to go to any mountain that is not in New England . . . it's just not worth it. The conditions usually aren't that great and the trails aren't anything special. Plus they're usually really short. I like nice long trails. It's just not worth a 2+ hour drive. I make an exception for Mountain Creek because a) it's close, b) I go there for the park, not for their trails and c) their triple play pass was only $69. The biggest downside of Mountain Creek is probably the douchebag teenagers. Seriously, I can see why teenagers are so despised by the adult population.

Today was a huge failure because I'm chickenshit and need to grow a pair. I avoided nearly all the jumps today and barely touched any boxes or rails. I'm never going to get jumping down at this rate. The one saving grace of the day was that I brought my camera and snapped a shot of Joey finally nailing a nice grab on his board.

And here's one of Kevin landing a jump:

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