Semi-Charmed Life


A Weekend in Pictures

Met up with some friends at Fishmarket Restaurant in Manhattan for some drinks after work on Friday. Good food and good times. Did not get a chance to take many photos. The shot below came out bad but I don't have many pictures with Kenny.


Saturday, my battery died. I went up to Syracuse to visit but did not take any pictures. Going to post up a picture shortly though of a shot Steve took of this show we went to watch.

On Sunday, after we checked out of the hotel we headed straight for Dinosaur BBQ. Got there right when it opened. The food was AWESOME. Second time having it in the Syracuse location and it was even better than the first.




When we got back to NYC, we ate in Flushing. After we ate, some people were not content and went across the street to the shish kebab vendor to order even more food.



12-13(whole set = 14.)

BTW the title of this blog is temporary. I was getting sick of the old one and just made up something stupid on the fly. Still trying to come up with something.


Weekend Trip to Boston

Ugh. I just spent close to an hour trying to figure out what flickr plugin to install for my blog. I wanted to install slickr, which actually looks really damn good but I couldn't get it to work properly. So instead, I had to settle for Flickr Photo Album, which is ugly as hell but I guess it'll have to do for now.

So anyway, below are some pictures from this weekend. I shot about 450 pictures and only came away with 65 that I'm satisfied with. Click on any of the pictures to go to my flickr album, or just click here.





Street performers outside of Faneuil Hall.


Some crazy street sign I saw while walking the Freedom Trail.


My homeboy Paul Revere.


Memorial Garden.


Navy guys.


At the Naval Yard.


In Chinatown.



At the aquarium.


Prudential Center.

It was a very fun trip, although my overall impression of Boston was that it was not very impressive. I wish I had more time to really soak in the history, but since we only stayed for 3 days, it was a very superficial view of the city. I wasn't impressed with the food we ate, but it could just be that we ate at mediocre restaurants. Most of the time I was running around Boston with a  70-200mm lens, with the exception of the aquarium where I used a 10-22mm. And when I say "running around," I literally mean running around. Some shots are just really difficult to take with a 70-200, which forced me to run really far back in order to take the shot. My friends who weren't taking pictures were also leading the way, so I spent most of the time snapping away and running to try and catch up with them.

Good trip, good times.