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18. Another long day.



Sometimes I feel like I'm the odd man out at work. If you don't follow sports in the corporate world, you don't belong. I often wonder how many of these guys picked up on sports because of the corporate macho culture. Not that I blame them. It's a smart way to fit in and there is nothing wrong with sports. Sports gives guys something to shoot the shit at work.

I however don't have much interest in the major professional sports in America. Basketball is not my thing, and I find baseball boring to watch. I don't even think most people even watch games anymore. Seems to me like people keep up with sporting news rather than the games themselves. Can't blame them though, because there are just too many games to watch for basketball and baseball. Football is a little easier to digest. I enjoy watching it and it's not as hard to keep up since each team only plays once a week. I would not call myself very knowledgeable on it though.

It's just crazy how it seems like everyone watches baseball. Basketball, not so much. And fantasy football is huge when fall hits. Maybe it's just that the guys who don't follow all this stuff know how to lay low.

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